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Maurice River Recollections Project
River Reaches
Debra A. Barsotti
Research Journalist
Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River
and Its Tributaries, Inc.

The Maurice River Reaches Project
Reach #8

From a bird's eye view, a ribbon of river arcs into a narrow bend. Boaters who know this reach of the Maurice River have their own images and experiences.

Richard Weatherby is one of the local residents that know the Maurice River well. "From what I understand, " Weatherby said, "this bend in the river was named because of the way it jets out like a man's jaw."

Jean Jones described the spot as "a sharp, shallow bend."  She added, "At low tide, people often got hung up." Jean said that when she had the windows opened on her family home, she could hear the engines revving up, trying to get free from the clenches of the Jawbone.

Joanne and Frank Murphine were also experienced in navigating the Jawbone.

"It is a complete hazard," Joanne explained.

"You have to be careful," Frank cautioned. "It's such a shallow, narrow, sharp turn in the river.".